i'm light. im 18 yrs old and a college student.
my favorite character of all time is izaya and i needed some way to get this freakish love for him out so i wanted to make a website.^_^

i first watched durarara 6 years ago, and Dear Lord was i quick to become deranged over izaya. like i didn't even need to start the anime to know i liked him cus the only reason i started it was cuz he was in the preview picture and i was like zamnnnn who is that. my horrible trait of doing anything for izaya started bnefore i even knew what he was bruh

um anways. i wont say much abt myself cuz i have a whole site for that already but i speak english and japanese. this is relevant to this site and by extension izaya because when it comes to researching him i will suddenly become really good at japanese and know every single word i see. however when izaya himself is talking uh ohj all six years of my learning goes down the drain and i forghet what a kana even is. what i am trying to say is by this point izaya has assimilated himself in my dna and there is no hope left for me. multiple times i have had my heart condition triggered by izaya. when i die? it will be his fault.

eventually i'll make a page so i can talk about why i love izayas gay ass and get really cheesy and shit but FOR NOW as i am quite lazy just know i wanna knock him down a long flight of stairs and then make out with him. its ok if you dont understand i don't either.

my izaya collection is nowhere near complete, nor do i think it will ever be. i'm happy with the merch i have, although there are some things i would still like (SHIZUO AND IZAYA NENDOROIDS and maube an izaya dollfie dream)