NAME: Orihara Izaya / 折原臨也
AGE: 23 (self-proclaimed forever 21-yr-old)
LIKES: Humans, humans, humans
DISLIKES: Heiwajima Shizuo, dead fish eyes


(this is expandable...) Izaya Orihara is an info broker located in Shinjuku, but born in Ikebukuro. He is regarded as a handsome man with a beautiful face by other characters. Do not let this distract you from the fact that he is mentally deranged. He claims to love humans, however his way of showing said love is questionable at best. Despite this, he is not entirely evil.
Many years ago, Durarara fandom split Izaya into either a cute wholesome chungus 100 freak or dark edgelord freak. He. is. BOTH. Izaya commits crimes wearing bunny slippers and watching Hanamaru Kindergarten. He starts new drama in the city just for fun after not getting invited to The hotpot party at Shinra's.

You see what I mean. He's just some grown ass man acting like a freak for fun. Like I'll still cheer him on and babygirl him to hell and back but it's still just a little amusing.

This is kind of common knowledge but he has beef with Shizuo. But like this beef is kind of embarrassing bruh. Like that drama Izaya will start in the town? Just cus he wants to piss Shizuo off. 🥰 He is OBSESSED it's pathetic. You could say anything and his gay ass would still find some way to connect it to Shizuo. So like how I do with Izaya TBH. But anyways ALLEGEDLY (saying this so Narita doesn't get me like how youtubers have to use it during drama) Izaya is in unrequited love with Shizuo or smth... like both his chara songs are PROBABLY about Shizuo and the second one even has the line "it's not like I liked messing with you I was just embarrassed of this thing called love" like bruh. be fr

Now this probably should have been said at the beginning though it is common sense but do not rely on this website to teach you about Izaya. I was true to canon for the first paragraph and then I went off into insanity land and Narita and Izaya/Shizaya haters could snipe me without warning at any time for the words I have written on this website.

Returning to the freak himself. Did you know he was not always this demented? Up until middle school, he was actually a model student and was well-liked by his classmates. Unfortunately he was not very interested in making friends, to the point where his parents worried. And his parents were barely around so that's how you know it's bad. 💀 In middle school, he met his buddy Shinra and everything went downhill from there lol. He turned their club into a gambling ring, took the fall for some dude who stabbed Shinra and generally just became insane. In high school he started skipping school (delinquent era..zukyun) and also met Shizuo and this was like in Genshin when Childe turns into Foul Legacy. Middle school was his delusion form.

I will stop talking here. If you want to hear more, check out the trivia page!


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